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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Book Or Buy WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Tickets

Book Or Buy WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Tickets

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 faces the job as WrestleMania looms of following the Royal Rumble from fourteen days prior. Sunday's pay per view provides a card outside. A Tag Team Turmoil match with those mixture of power athleticism and talent will be ready to steal the show, and the division of the women is turning into a force on SmackDown Live. If this under the radar pay-per view overachieves, it'll be fitting, since this was SmackDown's M.O. Since July's brand split. Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton - where he must wait until WrestleMania, Randy Orton is one of those positions. 

He knows what he's doing, so it's display on unless he gets put wherein no matches from now. 1 Contender status is online. Together with the main eventers of SmackDown tied up in an Elimination Chamber match, 50% of the WWE Championship match in the biggest show of the promotion will find himself trading blows with role player Luke Harper. Since the latter joined The Wyatt Family dissension has been teasing, and possess the ability to find good matches. Though this pairing won't excite anybody on paper, both of these are sure to at least possess a fun bout. Bold Prediction: Harper defeats Orton, making his babyface run less awkward. 

Apollo Crews and Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler - Straight out from the back booking department comes a match that sees two ice cold babyfaces take on a rising heel who draws cheers. The ironic icing on those cake is the heel may possess those deck stacked against him, making him those sympathetic figure. Fans will waste no time at all rallying behind Dolph Ziggler, along with even in victory, Apollo Crews along with Kalisto will seem weaker with every passing moment that they are not able to put Ziggler away. Bold Prediction: Kalisto along with Crews victory is drowned out by chants of Let's go Ziggler! Becky Lynch vs. 

Mickie James - Mickie James will work her first WWE pay per view in almost seven years against one of those top competitors today, Becky Lynch. Both of these should be motivated to possess those best match on those card, but they might be hindered by those fact that fans do not seem to be taking to James since a heel only yet. In addition, it will be their first one-on one encounter, so those chemistry might not be there. None of it mattered when James stepped into those ring with Asuka in NXT along with delivered one of those most underrated. 

Atkins of 2016. Expect good things from both of these at Elimination Chamber, only not great things.yet. Bold Prediction: James defeats Lynch with interference from Alexa Bliss. Tag Team Turmoil Match for those SmackDown Tag Team Championships (American Alpha vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. Breezango)

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